We believe your outdoor space should reflect the beauty and vision of your home. Green Couture Co. can design and create a comprehensive landscape plan that incorporates all aspects of outdoor living, from hardscapes, lighting, patios, decks, pools and play structures.



In the art of landscaping, hardscape means the built environment or built aspects of the landscape design, as opposed to the grown or “softscape” aspects such as plants, vegetation, flowers, and trees. Hardscape can be large scale or small scale. Most landscapes incorporate some form of hardscape.

Hardscapes can include fireplaces / fire pits, sidewalks, stepping stones / paver blocks, fountains and water features, retaining walls, buildings / structures, staircases, patios and even outdoor kitchens



Outdoor lighting can make a huge impact on landscape and the impact of your property’s softscape and hardscape. Green Couture Co. can provide lighting design and installation solutions for both residential and commercial clients.



Patios, pergolas, fountains and art installations enhance the beauty of your property and highlight the space alongside softscape, plants, and flowers. Green Couture Co. can design and create a variety of structures to complete your outdoor space.



You can’t survive a Texas Summer without a swimming pool. Green Couture Co. can design the perfect place to cool off and works in partnership with several pool building companies so that you can choose the one that is perfect for you.



Green Couture Co. likes to design spaces that are functional and FUN! See our portfolio of unique, custom-designed play structures and fun outdoor spaces.